Conserving Long Islands Working Farms and Natural Lands


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For the Peconic Land Trust, Stewardship is the perpetual care of the preserves and conservation easements held by the Trust. These protected properties are a legal and good faith responsibility that continues forever. All properties are routinely monitored and related records maintained.

Properties donated to the Trust in fee are called Preserves. A management plan is prepared for each of these properties. Some Preserves are passive and need minimal maintenance, while others require extensive measures to control soil erosion, restore wetlands, control public access, etc.

Stewardship Day:  Throughout the year, the Peconic Land Trust's Stewardship and Outreach Departments partner on clean-up days at our preserves. Future stewardship days are being planned. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Kathy Kennedy, Outreach Manager, at 631.283.3195, ext. 29 or email to

Wildlife Management Program: The Trust does allow hunting on select Preserves. If you are interested in participating in the Trust's Wildlife Management Program, please review the RFP document (.pdf) and Wildlife Management Guidelines and Application (.pdf). If you have questions, please contact either Dan Heston, North Fork Stewardship Manager, at 631.734.5630, or Pam Greene, Vice President of Stewardship, at 631.283.3195.

Conservation easements are a voluntary agreement between a landowner and a qualified conservation organization or municipality that protects the land from development, with the landowner retaining ownership and the rights to sell the property or pass it onto heirs. These properties are monitored at least annually to detect any changes and to ensure the property is being used in accordance with the terms of the restrictions placed on it. The commitment to monitor, defend, and enforce the easements is what ensures perpetual protection.

Our stewardship staff is available to assist landowners with a variety of land management activities including:

The Trust can provide environmentally sensitive land care services to landowners – individuals, corporation or municipalities. As a result, interest in the Peconic Land Trust’s Stewardship Program comes from many sources, including:

Our experienced staff is available to advise and assist landowners on long-term natural resource management strategies available, including establishing and implementing stewardship objectives that reflect the owner's goals and the unique elements of each property. We welcome donations of items & equipment in good working condition. Please check out our Wish List for things of particular interest to us at this time!  To make a donation, please contact Pam Greene, Vice President of Stewardship.